About Leaf Interiors

Leaf Interiors was started in October 2013 by Sally and Karen, two friends who shared a mutual love for home decor. The pair began by making customised curtains for friends and relatives. Their hobby quickly evolved into a business as they began to take orders for their creations. This warranted the opening of a workshop which soon came to house other home furnishings and accessories to make it the shop it is today. Since then the ever growing inventory and popularity of Leaf Interiors saw an extension to the shop in 2017 to accommodate a large selection of bigger furniture items which helps leaf interiors cover all aspects of home decor.

"We're not on the high street and that's just how we want it to be. We aim to focus on delivering our customers the best services and products in a market environment that we understand."


Opening Times

Mon - Sat // 10:00 - 17:00

Sun // 11:00 - 16:30